Wednesday, March 16, 2011

i have a new mo

this is mo. you may recognize her from her blog buttons and bows. she is so beautiful and so stylish, with an an amazing energy to match. look at her before photo below, it's not even a freakin' before photo.  we love this ladyface.

This all started with a bob.

Actually a facebook poll she took today about wether she should cut her long hair off into a short bob.  The plan was to do it on Thursday, but after spinning class tonight we decided to do it right away.  Why wait?  her and her friend Adrian, who also writes with Mo on another blog called the mixtape files came over. He's pretty awesome turns out he works out for Sassoon corporate offices so we connected right away and he geeked out on Jesse's toys and totally didn't care about my shoe wall, ugh whateva ;)

So yea back to Mo, thinking that her hair was damaged I was convinced that she should do it, but after assessing her hair in person, I realized it wasnt bad at all, since she had cut 4 inches off a few days ago.   I thought her hair was in really good shape.

Knowing that she was still debating on whether she should cut it off or not, the professional in me knew that she shouldn't and she should think of it even more carefully. I pointed out how long it would take to grow back to her length. The reality of cutting off all her hair set in pretty fast.  So we both decided to go a different route for now.  Knowing that she's a low maintenance no fuss kinda girl, we did some beachy sunkissed highlights. I may pop in a few more light pieces Thursday night when she comes over again, maaaaybe. But I think we are both on the right track. Thanks again Mo for letting me play <3


  1. Need yuh tuh play wit' my 'do...

  2. love the casual beachy styling - looks amazing!!

  3. i love mo!! she's so damn awesome! and you're right she shouldnt cut it all off unless shes really weighed out all the options. i think maybe some lighter pieces on the ends? a touch of ombre? ooo lala!

    and hehe how's it feel to have a new man? ;)

    btw i keep seeing different "<3" accessories and i keep meaning to link you them, oopsies!


  4. Anna and Jesse is simply pure magic! Thanks so much for letting me be your "guinea" pig. anytime, oink oink.

    JK! I know it's not really a pig. Fun stuFF!