Thursday, March 17, 2011

ombre battle.

two different variations of ombre today.

check out the after photos below:

mo came over the other night and we added some sun-kissed highlights to her hair. today she came over to take some photos for her store with jesse and at the last minute i decided to pop in more light pieces on her ends for more beachy action.

and how awesome is she, she came over with bottega louie macroons and pizza and a yummy salad she made for us. omg. thanks love you are the best!!

my amazing girlfriend christina, who happens to be a super awesome stylist also came over. funny story. one day christina calls me and asks if i knew any stylists who was down to assist a Yu Tsai shoot featuring Zhang Ziyi so i called up Mo and she took the job. Today was the first time they met in person but it took them a good twenty minutes before they figured it out. ha!

we did her base color and added some ombre action to her hair. OMG so freakin' rad. it's so funky!! i am so in love and want this for my hair!! love love love and i think she is in love too!!

thank you so much for letting me play mo and chris. i am so happy you guys love it and i am so happy you guys finally met! i have a feeling you guys will become bff! you guys are the!


  1. hahah rad sauce!

    i love your documentation of everything! you are seriously the houdini of hair!

  2. i absolutely LOVE mo's ombre job!! i'm gonna take this picture to my stylist!

  3. these lovely ladies look great! like they were born to have this hair. are you at a salon in DTLA or work out of your home? either way, i want to be your guinea pig! -dMM

  4. i love love love your style of ombre!!! i wish your salon was in new york :-( or my husband was cool enough to let me come visit you in la!! i want my hair to look very sun kissed and the ombre light look on the ends... the transition is so perfect. any tips you can tell me to tell the colorist in NY? or can you refer me to someone out here.

  5. Hi Heena!

    I wish you could come out to LA too! I do know a few stylists in NYC at Dop Dop Salon :

    Check out Erica Wright, Jessica Vosper or Theresa Adams!