Wednesday, September 21, 2011

hair monsters.

Uuuuuum how awesome are these shoes. I found them in NYC at the urbn on 5th avenue. When I saw the $29.99 price tag I was like "for real" because there was another tag that said $315. So I asked the lady "is this for real" pointing at the shoes and she was like "yea I know right?" so yes big freaking score on these babies. Ann Demeulemeester I will have yours one day, but for now this will do!!

Did rebecca's hair today! And she ended up booking a last minute Wen by Chaz dean show tonight! Yeeeea! They'll be on sometime around 10pm-12am pacific on qvc!

we also had dinner at izakaya fu-ga so yums!

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  1. i have these shoes! they are so comfortable, but be careful the heels scuff easily.