Monday, September 7, 2009


jesse's story - I had to do something special. So when she was away on business two weeks ago I attempted to find her the perfect ring. I wasn't able to find the right ring that week and knowing that she was on another business trip a week later I channelled all my energy into making it happen when she left again. The second she turned her cell phone off on Wednesday my plans were under way! I was literally dressed and waiting in the living room for her flight to leave... I didn't want to take ANY chances until I knew her flight was in the air and she wouldn't be able to to call me. I raced to Beverly Hills to see rings but nothing was perfect... none of the rings were the one. Long story short I looked online and found Brilliant Earth. I called them up and spoke to Beth, who helped me out with the ring tremendously. I ordered it that day on Thursday. It arrived that Saturday, just in the nick of time(thank you Beth!) and I set off to get the rest of my surprise together. I made a sign that at first glance looked like one of those chauffeur signs that have a name on them... but mine flipped down and popped the question! I thought this would be the perfect amount of cheese! Ha!

I arrived to LAX way, way, way, early as I couldn't do anything else that morning. I waited in the first chair for what seemed like an eternity, holding onto my sign and checking and re-checking the flight tracker on my iPhone... I didn't want her sneaking down the escalator on me! Thankfully one of her co-workers came down the escalator signaling her eminent arrival! I got into position and the rest just seems like a blur... I was aware of only her even though there was a major hubub of people stopping to watch. Major scene! Ha! When I finally slid the ring onto her finger (After she grabbed it out of my hand saying "no fucking way!") I realized how much of a scene we had caused! It was cute and exciting and kind of embarrassing all at the same time... we ran away to the back of the baggage claim for a quick moment alone! I'm so happy she said yes! (even though she kept repeating "no fucking way!" haha) :)

anna's story - sunday. heading back home to LA from PA.

flight arrived early. yay! jesse is picking me up from the airport. yay. headed to starbucks, like usual for my venti-iced coffee with 4 pumps and knowing that jesse was downstairs to pick me up, i grab one for him, his venti-iced coffee with room for creamer, grabbed him 2 brown sugar packets just in case, cause ya know he likes the brown sugar.....

going down the escalator, i spot him with a sign that read <3 ANNA-LEE <3 just like the car drivers guy's but better. i thought and said "awwww he's such a dork" in a loving he's sooo cute and adorable kinda way :)

i get down the escalator and i walk towards him then out of nowhere the sign flips down and it now reads "<3 ANNA-LEE <3 WILL YOU MARRY ME?" OMG. OMG OMG.i'm kinda lost and shocked during this moment and out of nowhere he goes down on his knee and he asked me to marry him and pops out this amazing ring and i'm just shocked.surprised.and omg is this really happening. this was such a total surprise. i just kept saying "ohmygod" "no fucking way" over and over and of course i said YES to my love. i then saw how many people were staring and smiling at us, haha so we ran off to the far side of baggage claim. got our bags. and headed to manhattan beach for a celebratory dinner and watched the sunset. it was perfect. <3

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