Monday, September 14, 2009


lazy sunday....well not really, started with a spinning class at 10:15 am.  Then grabbed Cooper to get groomed and have some fun with other doggies.  Doggie day care at K9Loft (fyi: amazing dog place). 

Went back home and got ready for breakfast at fred62.  2 eggs, 2 pancakes and hash browns thank you very much. We kicked around los feliz and picked up an amazing black studded belt (to share).  We checked out farmers market behind the dresden.  The vendors were yelling out at us.. samples! pamper your dog! (haha if they only knew).  It was a little strange considering we were the only ones walking thru the market at the time.
We picked up cooper from doggy daycare and he was exhausted from playing all day.  Check out his fancy scarf!

Later on in the day we attended a beautiful and moving ceremony for Spirit at Chaz Dean Studio.  It was perfect;  from the butterflies and the kind words to the sun setting gently during the ceremony.  Spirit's melodic hellos and bye-byes will be missed.

We tried to go out for a drink in Silver Lake but there was no parking.  All day it seemed like we were looking for parking spots,  so we just gave up and went home. (haha) Luckily we remembered that the VMAs were on just in time to see Kanye flip out again.  Gooooooooooo Kanye!  The dude just speaks his mind... it might not be the right place or time but it sure is entertaining....... and the more you think about it, the more it sounds like it was all staged. 

anna : jacket - forever21. top - neal. leggings - bdg. boots - barney's co-op. bag - rafe.
jesse : shirt - salt valley. denim - levi's. boots - john varvatos chukka.
cooper : rainbow scarf - k9Loft (haha)

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