Saturday, September 12, 2009

hair did.

jesse got his hair did!  color and styled by miss anna lee and cut by mr. chaz dean.

friday = date night.   we zipped out of the salon starving... where to go?   Astro Burger of course!  so delicious!  jesse = double cheeseburger and onion rings. anna = bacon burger and fries..  (Actual conversation with the burger dude.... "does your bacon burger come with cheese?" "No. we have bacon avocado cheeseburger, that has cheese"   "no thanks. ok I'll just have a bacon burger".   "Do you want cheese with that?").  we are on our way to see the september issue and end up driving all the freakin' way to the landmark theatre in century city (no thanks to the Flixster app on the iPhone which sent us there saying it was the only theatre in LA that it was playing at ... it was playing at the Arclight in Hollywood we found out after.)  So a few dead end streets and a shortcut down a back alley we made it to the theatre to find out that the director of the movie was there and doing a small talk.  The movie was awesome!!!  We give it 5 stars!  Grace Coddington steals the movie a bit from Anna Wintour, but their relationship is so interesting to watch.  Go see it!!! 

guest blogger alert!  check out the pix of Lexy with Anna below!

anna: top - aa tank.  denim - cheap monday. wedges - naturalizer. belt - no clue!?
jesse - top - BDG deepV. denim - levi's. 

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