Sunday, September 20, 2009

I got them!! I got a pair of Ashish zebra print wedges. OMG! After searching all over the internet for a pair. I decided to call Topshop (duh!). I really didn't think they would have them but it turns out they do! They were sold out on the leopard ones, a few left in zebra and in black. I was ready to purchase but turns out they don't ship from store but said they would hold them for me.....

...Now the question is, who in NYC that I know, would do this awesome trip for me?!?! I called up my friend Annie and she came to the rescue!!! Just got a call from her that she was picking them up and purchasing them. She's shipping them FedEx tomorrow and I will have by Tuesday. OMG!! so excited! This weekend has been a shoe success!


  1. I've been REALLY wanting leopard print boots/heels for a while. Help me find a pair!

  2. dude. i originally wanted the leopard ones. but they're sold out! EVERYWHERE. if you check on ebay. i believe they have a pair on there.