Tuesday, July 6, 2010


seriously our loft complex is amazeballs! yesterday we took advantage of the pool deck and got some sun!! later on went to malo for taco night! yuuuums! and caught a late night flick at the vista. watched cyrus! highly recommend it!

oh. and i think christina ricci and i should be friends. we keep running into each other. after all we do go to the same waxing place and the same pilates joint. went to pilates today and there she was in the studio with us.... she's so cute even after being sweaty and gross, it's just not fair.

now heading back to the pool to correct some of jesse's funny sun lines. his face kinda looks like a reverse raccoon. he cut up some mangos and made some yummy drinks. the husband is just the best!!!


  1. Cute shorts ;D


  2. where are your shorts from? and god im still drooling over your a.wang bag


  3. thanks :)

    i believe they're silence and noise shorts from like 2 years ago...
    awww i should post my other two wang bags so you can drool some more, haha jk ;)