Monday, March 28, 2011

LA to the valley to LA to the OC.

so about two days ago we were at the beverly center and i tried these babies out.. julian louie for aldo "deanna"

passed on them because i am trying not to shop.

..but today when i woke up, for some odd reason, i was all about them. so i called up the beverly center and was informed they were sold out everywhere and i was like "buuuut it was just there?!!"

determined to not accept this situation we went on a mission to find them. i so thank my loving husband for putting up with my determination(or my craziness?). we called up the hollywood and highland location and no luck but they did say the sherman oaks location had one pair left in my size and they put them on hold for us. we get there and it turns out, it was a different shoe that they put on hold. not giving up, we decided to stop by the beverly center who said they would at least be able to order them for us. on our way jesse remembered there was an aldo on melrose, we stop by, they also did not have it, but the super cute sales girl all decked out like 90210 brenda in a super awesome way, was waaaaay amazing and helped us find a pair in my size all the way in brea. so yes, we drove to brea to get these babies. the sales girl in brea was also super cute and was so excited to help me out in my shoe quest. i love them!

i love this man and i'm going to miss him this week. thank goodness for facetime. :)


  1. You are proper mental but hey I would have done it too. This teaches you to just buy things when you first try them on if you really love them. After all you can always get your money back!


  2. they were worth the time -they look amazing!!