Saturday, July 3, 2010

1 dog + 1 flan + 2 happy clients

aww my nanay's and tita betty's delicious homemade flan!!

jessi!!!! you might remember her from here!! she went super dark today!! no more fiesty red...for now!! haha! she took a poll on her facebook page last night for blunt or side fringe! i of course, typed out "side" for a change!! so sexy and classy!! yay!! i did my happy dance!!!

..And this is cheryl! OMG i love her! this was her first visit with me! i wish i had taken a before photo but unfortunately i didn't have a camera around until jesse came by the studio to pick me up.

cut: we both agreed that she should have longer hair so i shaped up her haircut with some layers! i can't wait till it gets longer! i just love long hair!! especially when their hair texture has waves in it. there's nothing better! :) can you tell that i'm really into this whole long hair, hair thing at the moment!?! haha luckily my clients are too!! it's summer!! summer should be about long, pretty hair especially in california!! looooooove!!!

color: she had about 8 weeks of regrowth of her natural hair color and the color she previously had was a bit brassy in my eyes. so today i did a glossing on her which is basically a mixture of MAJIREL (color line I use and love), vegetable color, WEN cleansers, and WEN essential oils. i made her color deeper and richer!! so pretty. the color compliments her skin tone so much!! i was sooooo happy that she loved it that i did my happy dance again!!!

here's a color tip for everyone: whenever you have color make sure you cleanse, yes cleanse, your hair with WEN cleanser since it contains no sulfates and no harsh detergents. your color will last much much longer. also when cleansing hair always use cool to lukewarm water. think of it this way, hot water opens up the cuticle of the hair and releases the color while cool water seals the cuticle helping the color last much longer as well as help keep shine in your hair :)


  1. nice post you guys. that flan is the shwiz. test shoot soon :) that hair, WOW!

  2. thanks mo!! let's shoot SOON! like super soon!