Thursday, July 8, 2010


Today before our shoot we ran some errands, went to my fave place on the earth (the grove bitches!) and did some vintage shopping on melrose. Can you say SCORE?!

First of all check out this Rick Springfield t-shirt. Anyone who knows me or Anna has probably heard someone sing Jesse's girl to us at least 20 times. Even though it was pretty expensive for a vintage shirt... it was a must buy! Check out the details! Dog in a tie? why not?! two ricks? why not! strange melting rainbow circles and a briefcase? Amazing!

But the awesome finds didn't stop there... check out this beat up metallica shirt! its just perfection! Anna will sure to be wearing it in a lot of blog posts in the future, because we all know how big of a metallica fan* she is. :)

The rest of the shirts are mine... how could I pass up a shirt that says "thanks jesse for honkey fest '82" with a picture of an alligator chasing a rather scared dude. I'm sure it's probably racist or something, but it was too strange to pass up.

I also found a perfect old smiths shirt. thanks to the big fat guy who bought it years ago and must have washed it about 8000 times. its all shrunk, paper thin and stretched out in the most amazing way.

Anna picked up a pair of joe's jeans platforms. They look amazing on her and she looks amazing-er. Seriously. How lucky am I? :D

* anna wanted me to note the sarcasm here. she is NOT a big fan of metallica.


  1. they look amaz. think i need them! xo

  2. I love your Brenda...I'm glad I saw these pics...I just ordered them...:)...great blog!!