Thursday, January 13, 2011


Today we kicked it out to the valley so Anna could pick up some hair stuff at her fav store Namie's. It's the coolest store... they have fake blood by the gallon! After we were done there we drove down Magnolia to It's A Wrap to see if there were any sweet deals on clothes. It's an amazing store, the clothes are 1/2 to 1/3 retail and most of the items are brand new and have tags on them. Since they list the production the clothes came from you can be proud to tell all your friends that your t-shirt was once in a scene with Hannah Montanna.

We also checked out the antique stores on Magnolia. They were mostly crappy and only good for laughs.

Anna said i could have this TV and the swordfish. I'm thinking about it.

anna - american apparel top and bra. frankie b denim. alexander wang back pack
jesse - uo hat. american apparel top. h&m denim. paul smith vest. all saints boots.


  1. me too. (this is jesse- obviously anna's not in love with herself although she should be. double obviously)