Thursday, January 27, 2011

Home of the Brave

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!! i finally get to wear contacts again! so happy!!

and i finally got to rock these chloe sunglasses that i got two years ago.. maybe a year ago. oh i don't know.. the tags came off today. and that was only because i couldn't find my other chloe sunglasses that i religiously wore. look below, aren't these babies gangsta with the gold grill across the top!!

and here are a few pics that aren't so gangsta. kinda dorky. kinda goofy. but it has pretty lighting and a pretty back drop from the salon and over all pretty photos from jesse.. oh and super awesome hair. yea. totally!


  1. love the new sunnies..and the gorgeous hair as always!!

  2. omg look at you! Love your hair =) I replied to your comment and then thought i might as well show some lovin since i stopped by. =)
    xoxo Alexandra


  3. have a beautiful hair..and all the dresses you wear is perfectly fit in you.

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