Saturday, January 15, 2011

jean genie.

This is Anna's last day before going away for a week so I'm not going to spend a lot time writing this post. Here are some pictures!


  1. I love your hair, can you do some kind of post on how you style, please?

  2. thank you.

    i blew my hair out the day before. so what you see is second day hair :)

    before i went to bed, i grabbed a high ponytail and started twisting it counter clockwise and wrapped it into a high chignon with a scrunchie. next morning, this is how it turned out. :)

    I have a youtube video which shows how i blow it out!

  3. i love the way you've styled the litas here! so casual and chic.

    xo denj

  4. ummmmmmazing. your hair is my dream, and that dress is perfect for an order of fish&chips, as well as the pork belly! haha and the hot flash, is a drink--ginger beer, tequila, and jalapenos....that's right sister. get it get it.

    ashley <3