Saturday, January 22, 2011

Why, Hello Kitty!

I came home to a few surprises! Jesse picked up these rad Alexander Wang Anabela high heel booties at opening ceremony's sale... 70% off! Woohoo! (thank you Mo for posting them on your facebook - oh and check out her blog it's rad and vote for her in the refinery29 contest)

stay tuned for some photos Jesse took of Mo with Anthony the "MANE MAN" Pomije doing hair!!! haha anthony you are such a dork! the mane man, seriously?!?! lol i love you kid and thank you for giving me and my hair tutorials love <3

While we were at dinner in Little Tokyo tonight i spotted this carry-on bag at the sanrio store. Not only is it super cute, but it has inner dividers to keep both sides of the bag from falling out when you open it! Perfect for a small hair kit!!!

*not pictured are the paulette macarons he got me. They aren't going to last very long anyway! ha!


  1. LOVE those shoes!!!! and now all i can think about are malo's potato tacos mmmmmmm you guys really do know where it's at with the food!!! you are the best love your highlarious comments!!!

    ashley <3

  2. love this! looks like a pretty amazing setup!

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  3. love your outfit :)

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