Saturday, January 8, 2011

Contempo Casual.

i can't believe i stuffed my face with pete's cafe. yummmmmms!!! fried calamari, pan roasted pork chop with sliced apples and mashed potatoes and bits of jesse's blue cheese french fries. i am a fatty boom batty! yaaaay!! luckily i start my pilates plus and my yas spinning again next week. must. lose. 15 pounds.

while organizing and re-arranging our loft yesterday. i came across a few items that have been just laying around in my closet. the see-through baby doll top, i've had since high school, can you believe that?!?! it's from contempo casuals, the coolest store when i was growing up that i eventually ended up working for and almost ended up with a career in visual merchandising in. remember when the movie clueless came out, that's about the time i was working for them!! contempo lost its cool when wet seal bought them out and it went down hill from there. some of you readers are probably too young to even know this. omg. this just shows how old i am.

knit sweater shorts that i've had for over a year that i totally forgot about. crazy, i saw a pair while out in canada and wanted to purchase them. good thing i didn't since i had these the whole time.

my hair looks cool... oh and that amazing leather fringe necklace is from this amazing leather shop in silver lake called dean.AMAZING. loooooooooooooooooooooove it!!

these were my very first pair of frye boots. i got super cheap on a long long time ago. they're pretty awesome and i can't believe i don't wear them more often.

and last but not least...
my new alexander wang back pack that jesse got me for christmas. so buttery soft. and perfectly slouchy. it's pure amazeballs!!!


  1. Contempo Casuals and Wet Seal...those were my joints!
    I have a similar top from UO, but I probably paid, like, three times what you did at CC...

  2. Oh man, I remember those stores. I also remember when Delia's was just a catalog, that's how old I am!

    Good finds! I love those blue boots.

  3. OMGGGGG!!!! yes! i saw you at the village idiot too and I thought you were so cute in your big glasses! and then i loved you even more after your shriek of joy over your double order of fish&chips!!! and then i was just disappointed because that's what i relate wanted to order and changed my mind last minute. hahahaha small world!!!! stoked you said hi on my little ol blog! you rule!

    ashley <3

  4. ohhhhh man i missed the second course! thank god though otherwise i wouldve looked like a creeper watching your every move!! haha you totally could've bothered me i was 3 hot flashes (please tell me you've had those) in!! buzzed mcgee at 3:00!! or whatever time it was!! hopefully we run into each other again! and this time im gonna let you order first and copy you cause you know what UP in the food department!

    ashley <3