Tuesday, January 4, 2011


We did a little running around today and brought cooper with us so we could tire him out at the dog park. We went to our favorite the laurel canyon dog park. Which is here if you are interested (if you zoom in on the map you can see the dogs!)

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FYI - Anna Lee took 90% of these pictures.

Cooper ran up and behind these bushes a bunch of times. He thought he was hiding from us and came running out with this look on his face.

Here he is posing how he wants to be taxidermied.

When he runs his ears go back and flap behind him. it makes him run faster.

He loves his mama!

Cooper loves the fluffy dogs.

This little guy was following Anna Lee around all afternoon. He was so cute and gentle. (until cooper tried to hump him)


This is the "omg put me down the other dogs are looking at me" face.


This is his "i just rolled around in dirt!" face.

Mr. Magestic McHero dog.

We were trying to get cooper to pose in front of this sign and this other dog came behind him and was all like "Hey what are you doing?" and then cooper beat him up. jk.

Happy face after beating up all the small and timid dogs.

These dogs all realized they were all wearing the same coat. Embarrassing!

This guy only had 3 legs and looked tougher than clint eastwood in a spaghetti western.

"stop getting into everyone's business!"

It's actually pretty hard to get him to pose for pictures at the park, which is why i'm holding him here with my legs.

Cooper tried to get fresh with Anna's friend and he wasn't feelin' it at all. One of the few dogs that stood up to cooper all day.

8000th time running after the ball.

still not tired.

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