Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shoot and food.

Here are a bunch of candid pix from Sunday's photoshoot - I really wish I had more time to shoot more behind the scene pictures that day. :(

nina and anna.

chris and chaz.

will getting his tattoos covered up.

jeffrey doing his magic

even hunter got in on the photoshoot :) (photos by anna - you can tell by the expert use of the rule of thirds)

nina(who was obviously one of the seven models, not just a random naked lady) and chaz.

everyone kept telling Anna that they liked her necklace... they were her fancy japanese hairclips. i know she kept thinking... what necklace?

And a few pix from two days after the shoot at the village idiot on melrose. if you are out shopping on melrose don't pass up the opportunity to eat here. the food is very delicious and quite reasonably priced for the quality - it's not regular pub fare.

even the water and empty plate looked delicious!

pork belly and fried green tomatoes. unfortunatly the pork belly didn't exist long enough to get its picture taken. but it was the

fish and chips and a guinness. their fish is so perfectly perfect. peppery, moist and the batter is crunchy. mmmm.

We also had an almost internetz collision with ashley from purse 'n boots who was sitting in the booth next to us. hope we run into each other again :) we'll order the food, you order the drinks! ;) and even funnier was the waitress was someone I stopped for rackedLA.


  1. Hey, AL & J!

    Just curious about what camera you use. That water and empty plate *DiD* look great!! :)

  2. It's a nikon D7000. But the camera didn't really make the pictures look great, it's a combination of the 50mm 1.8 lens and the natural lighting in the restaurant.

  3. Anna-lee, I live in utah and have loved Wen forever! I am coming to the studio in a few months and want to book an appt with you, do you still work in the salon? Also, I recently turned my sister in law to Wen, she s had absolutely dry ratty hair her while life, she loves the way her hair feels but still couldn't get it straight and shiny so last week she had the simply smooth keratin straightening treatment done to hair. It finally made it straight and shiny but they told her she had to use the simply smooth shampoo line, she really doesn't want to stop using the Wen, but di you know anything about that treatment? Can she keep using the Wen or does she have to give it up for their product line? U seemed like the best expert on Wen to ask, aside from Chaz :)
    Thanks, tya lynn